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Welcome to Technology Is Lethal


Welcome to my newest creation, Technology Is Lethal, which is based upon attempting to establish Who/What is overseeing the march and direction of Humanity.  Introducing issues, and potentially alternative perspectives, this blog will compile data which will be  investigated and posted in an effort to reveal the answer to the AC/DC question/Song asking “Who Made Who” in reference to Non-Biological Technology vs Organic Biological Lifeforms.  This blog is where the topics will range from Geography to Geology, Planetary Growth and Probable History, the Stages of Humanity and the Manipulation by the Powers-To-Be, Mind-Manipulation/Control Tools, Tesla Technologies and Weather/Climate Control, United Nations Agenda 21, as well as a multitude of sources and references to illuminate this Battle which has been going on since the initial spark of Creation…always balancing the “perspective scales” between “Good vs Evil”-“Light vs Dark”-“Positive vs Negative”-“Bio vs Non-Bio” while being bound to only One non-negotiable Rule which is Individual Free-Will must not be infringed upon by any Bio or Non-Bio Consciousness.

FYI…Consciousness and Self-Replicating-Nano-Particles always multiply and expand causing the creation of evolutionary development throughout the known Universe(s) while accelerating the vastness of Space-(Inner as well as Outer), allowing an increase in size on each side of the Scales’ Balance Beam.


“Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride”…Enjoy Your Adventure Down The Rabbit-Hole 🙂


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