Everything Happens for a Reason…I Think?

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 101_8170

Life has taught me that Everything happens for a Reason, Timing Is Everything & Everything is based upon Your Unique Perspective at that current point in Space & Time.   Learn from your Adventures 🙂

Pilots and Chemtrails

Due to an initial passport issue we were forced to reschedule the flight for a couple of days later, however, the dogs permits expired during this period and it was going to be cheaper to fly back to Dallas while I attempt to update & straighten out all of the wrinkles – yet, in the mean time, the hail storm that pummeled this DFW area has provided me the opportunity to sell some roofs & repairs with a focus on landing one or more of these condo associations repair contracts.

The flight from LAX to DFW served as a test run for seeing how the pups are gonna handle those conditions once we depart for the South Pacific…a costly test run, however, that is just part of the adventure. Hell, if it was easy, then everybody would be doing it…I’m looking at the entire experience as a learning opportunity and focusing on continuing my journey upwards & onwards, world-shaking every step of the way.

Once I see how this storm event is going to pan out, I will then reschedule my travel plans to Tonga – however, this time I will be more properly prepared.


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