Magnetic Current Research by Ed Leedskalnin

The Coral Castle

Constructed in 1920 & Relocated in 1936

Current Site: 28655 S Dixie Hwy, Miami/Homestead, FL 33033

“Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is one of the most amazing structures ever built. In terms of accomplishment, it’s been compared to Stonehenge, ancient Greek temples, and even the great pyramids of Egypt. It is amazing – some even say miraculous – because it was quarried, fashioned, transported, and constructed by one man: Edward Leedskalnin, a 5-ft. tall, 100-lb. Latvian immigrant.”

“The Coral Castle is a sculpture garden filled with a hand-carved megalithic stones (mostly coral) weighing up to 30 tons each. This place baffles the mind because it was created by a single man, Latvian-born Edward Leedskalnin, who was five feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. Leedskalnin reportedly used no heavy machinery to move or manipulate these gigantic stones.”

“Constructed as a love tribute [allegedly] to the woman who broke his heart by leaving him one day before they were supposed to get married, Leedskalnin  took the secrets of the Coral Castle’s construction to the grave. He refused to answer questions about how he managed to move the heavy stones, but he claimed to have used the same principles that enabled the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.”

“How did he do it? No one knows for sure, but theories abound. Harmonic sound technologies, reverse magnetism and anti-gravity devices are among the proposed answers to this mystery. Others say the only explanation is that Leedskalnin possessed supernatural powers.” “Since I first heard about the Coral Castle, I’ve felt motivated to learn the hows and the whys of the mystery forces that made its construction possible. When Leedskalnin refused to tell his secret, he built questions that would provoke minds like mine to search for answers decades after his death. Through his art, he’s engaged thousands of individuals in the quest to solve his scientific puzzle.”

Quotes above are from Author Kimbriel Dean

“It’s estimated that 1,000 tons of coral rock were used in construction of the walls and towers, and an additional 100 tons of it were carved into furniture and art objects:”

  • An obelisk he raised weighs 28 tons.
  • The wall surrounding Coral Castle stands 8 ft. tall and consists of large blocks each weighing several tons.
  • Large stone crescents are perched atop 20-ft.-high walls.
  • A 9-ton swinging gate that moves at the touch of a finger guards the eastern wall.
  • The largest rock on the property weighs an estimated 35 tons.
  • Some stones are twice the weight of the largest blocks in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

“Working alone, Leedskalnin labored for 20 years – from 1920 to 1940 – to build the home he originally called “Rock Gate Park” in Florida City. The story goes that he built it after being jilted by his fiance, who changed her mind about marrying him because he was too old and too poor. After wandering around the U.S. and Canada for several years, Leedskalnin settled in Florida City for health reasons; he had been diagnosed with tuberculosis.”

“He began building his coral home in 1920. Then in 1936, when a planned new subdivision of homes threatened his privacy, Leedskalnin moved his entire home – and its many tons of coral – 10 miles to Homestead, where he completed it, and where it still stands as a tourist attraction.”

“How Leedskalnin managed this feat of engineering has remained a mystery all these years because, incredibly, no one saw him do it. A secretive man, Leedskalnin often worked at night by lantern light. And so there are no credible witnesses to how the small, frail man was able to move the huge blocks of rock. Even when he moved the entire structure to Homestead, neighbors saw the coral blocks being transported on a borrowed truck, but no one seems to know how Leedskalnin got them on and off the vehicle.”

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